19th Jan 2014 Best of the Web

This week, the following points provided us some food for thought:

1. Why does it take so much effort among co-pilots, pilots and air traffic controllers to ensure airplanes don’t collide, yet flocks of birds landing together rarely crash into one another? The Economist cites a zoological study to answer this. 

2. Will China’s emerging economic frontier help avoid the dreaded middle income trap? Views from The Economist.

3. There’s a market for blood, sperm, and eggs. “Why not organs?” asks Gary Becker, the 1992 Nobel Laureate for Economics. The WSJ responds to Prof Becker’s rhetorical question. 

4. Money doesn’t sleep, so is currency manipulation. The Financial Time’s timeline of the widening foreign currency market manipulation probe. 

5. Ever wondered if we can make governments accountable for the receipt of natural resource tax revenues? The EITI is a wonderful source.


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